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LexisNexis Hotel Keycard

The assignment – design a room key that would get all participants at a Spring 2015 convention to find a LexisNexis representative. Let’s just say the […]

Fayetteville NC tourism headlines

What do you think of what you hear Fayetteville, NC? We took a local NC community that was almost ashamed of their ties to America’s military, […]

LexisNexis HTML Emails

Here’s several HTML emails I worked on with the team. I was writer, and selected all the photos. Additional photos Other portfolio items

Bald Head Island Relaxation CD

Bald Head Island is a place like few others. Tucked off the coast of NC, it's accessible only by ferry, and no cars are allowed. So, […]

LexisNexis NDIA Convention Banner Stand

The National Defender Investigator Association (NDIA) is comprised of attorneys who work pro bono to get innocent people out of prison. They are a passionate group, […]

UNC Greensboro re-branding and Style Guide

In both perception and performance, UNCG would be considered a second tier school by most outsiders. In direct contrast, our research revealed the actual campus environment […]

Video Campaign – Lakewood YMCA relaunch

We wanted the re-opening of the Durham Lakewood YMCA, to have an emotional impact on the community. So we went door-to-door (so to speak) and found […]

LexisNexis Juris Comedy Video

Juris is a software program, made by LexisNexis. Think Adobe CS for attorneys. Their main selling point was superior customer service, and wanted a low-budget video […]

Video for Casemap by LexisNexis Litigation

LexisNexis wanted a simple way to explain a somewhat complex software integration. We made the video easy-going, using engaging animation - with practically no budget. In […]

AIRWALK Stagedive TV Commercial

This TV commercial was a Clio finalist, and was featured on America’s Funniest TV Commercials. Other portfolio items

Rockport TV Commercial

The assignment? Show that Rockport shoes are so comfy, they transport you to another place. Did it succeed? Check your pulse before and after you watch […]

Biscuitville TV Campaign

What better way to sell biscuits than to feature a TV campaign where someone dies in each commercial? Other portfolio items

Carl’s Jr TV Commercial

The only Carl’s Jr. commercial with fully clothed actors. Other portfolio items

SONAMBA – Grey Power Videos

Sonamba makes advanced medical alert devices with two way communication, calendar alerts, prescription reminders, etc. To convince people to purchase these for their parents, we took […]

iSuture surgical suturing device motion graphic video

Heres' a simple motion graphics video done for a company that makes mechanical surgical devices. Other portfolio items

LexisNexis Document Sharing Video

LexisNexis wanted to show off document sharing features of its software. Rather than focusing 100% on video screen captures, we wanted to give the idea a […]

Golf Designs Client Website

The client, a golf course designer, needed a website to show off his work. He wanted something jaw-droopingly beautiful, but also something he could easily update, […]

Hansell Painting client website

The client, a local house painting company needed a website to better show off their work. Their clients and work is high-end and more expensive than […]

Causam Enterprises Website

Here's a corporate website for a local NC company. They wanted something professional, which told their story. The most interesting part of it? They have over […]

NC COIN Website with online membership purchase

NC COIN is a local entrepreneurs organization. An active organization, they regularly hold events for their members, while posting relevant content for their members in several […]

Magic Number e-commerce Website

Magic Number sells information to 3 different target audiences. They needed a site with distinctive messaging for each market - along with a reliable e-commerce store […]

LexisNexis Jury Presentation Software Whitepaper

Who says a white paper has to be dull? For this one, a whitepaper about the client's jury presentation software, I telephoned jury presentation experts from […]

Causam Exchange website

Causam Exchange is a local company that builds energy grid software. This site was built in Wordpress. Additional photos Other portfolio items

LexisNexis PC Law software direct mail

How do you convince attorneys to buy more software? Ask any attorney what they need, and most of them will say “I need another set of […]

LexisNexis Firm Manager Software Movie Poster

Attorneys are one of the hardest groups to sell software to, because they generally have their own setup that they’re used to. We wanted to shake […]

Neo IP company branding

Neo IP is an intellectual property firm that helps companies create valuable patent assets. Their clients’ businesses were valued at tens of millions to over $200M, […]

Refectory Cafe Website with online takeout menu

The Refectory Cafe needed a better system for online ordering and pickup. Their existing setup was handled by a large national company, which charged a large […]

Faith Exchange Website with credit card donations

A church in New York City had issues with their existing website. Their live streaming services was expensive, and difficult-to-use. They had no way of accepting […]

Neo IP website with online conference registration

Neo IP is an intellectual property firm that helps companies create valuable patent assets. Their clients’ businesses were valued at tens of millions to over $200M, […]

Real Band Karaoke Website

Here's another, simple, Wordpress site for a rock and roll band. Additional photos Other portfolio items

Salesdoctor website

Salesdoctor is a sales and personal trainer. He needed a professional-looking site that showed off his writings, and a second site to collect email addresses - […]

iSuturing WordPress company site

A startup medical device company with a revolutionary new product that closes sutures automatically needed a professional-looking site to attract their investors. The goal - make […]

LexisNexis Litigation Infographic

LexisNexis had 7 different software offerings covering 4 stages of litigation. Problem was, many functionalities overlapped, and law firms with one product were often unaware the […]

Lakewood YMCA Direct Mail

In the 70s, the Lakewood YMCA was the hottest place around. Unfortunately, it closed in the 90’s, much to the consternation of the Durham community. We […]

LexisNexis Litigation Website

I was part of the team that re-did the LexisNexis Litigation home page. Sales leads have increased 15%, and hits are up 22%. I wrote and […]

Jordan Lacrosse Player Posters

The local high school was holding a golf tournament fund-raiser, and wanted signs on each tee box, where parents could purchase a sign honoring their lacrosse-playing […]

Jordan Lacrosse BaseBall Cards

Every year on Senior Night, Jordan High School Lacrosse players and their parents gather to honor their players. Flyers are handed out commemorating which colleges the […]

Lexisnexis Casemap Software Case Study

Most software Case Studies feature pages and pages of text, which can get a little cumbersome. For this one, I thought it would be more interesting […]

Crossbar Media website

A simple Wordpress site for a company that does closed captioning: Additional photos Other portfolio items