NC COIN Website with online membership purchase

NC COIN is a local entrepreneurs organization. An active organization, they regularly hold events for their members, while posting relevant content for their members in several places. However, their website had to be updated manually. If you wanted to know what active organization NC COIN was, their website wasn’t the place to go. Another issue? They had to bill all members by hand. Could a website solve all their problems?

First stop: a Dynamic home page.
NC COIN was already tweeting, blogging, and holding events - now, instead of having to look for it, members could find it all on the home page.
E-commerce makes everything easier
NC COIN has 9 different membership levels. Previously, members had to receive a bill by mail, and pay by check, which was time-consuming for everyone involved.

An online e-commerce store was built so members could purchase their membership via credit card, requiring 1/10th of the work.

All events - right at your fingertips
Using Eventbrite APIs, all upcoming events appear in the sidebar so members never miss anything.

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