Brandvolume is Francis George

With $68.23, no job, and a big ugly duffel bag, Francis George arrived on the West Coast one spring day.

When he left later that summer, he had a Clio Finalist, two Adweek “Best of Portfolio” TV spots, and a spot featured on “ABC’s Funniest TV Commercials.” For the next 8 years, he worked on advertising’s creative side, with some of the best agencies in the country. (He was even invited to lecture Duke’s MBA students about the experience). And then a funny thing happened. Francis started to care more about his clients’ bottom line than the awards. His added concern: the logical half of his brain was doing nothing all day but sitting on the couch and watching “Springer” reruns. So his fascination then turned to the other side: marketing and branding. Since then, he has consulted as the Director of Marketing for Albanese + Lutzke, a firm that designs golf course worldwide.

After that, he worked in the Marketing Communications department of a company with arguably the smartest branding in the world – Apple Computer. In his spare time, he helped local non-profits with their branding and identity, including ones in New York and San Francisco. Always fascinated by all thing digital, Francis taught himself how to program for the web. These days, he’s an expert Wordpress Developer, creating functional e-commerce sites that not only look beautiful, but tell the brand’s story effectively. As you can see, Francis has many years of experience in all areas of marketing, with titles ranging from Creative Director, to Brand Strategist, to Director of Marketing and Wordpress Developer. We defy you to find someone who is more dual-brained, who wears more hats, and uses more marketing cliches than he does.