Speaker Series, Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Lecture by: Francis George.

Presentation: “How to build a company’s brand identity and design a website like it’s 2024.”

AI Text tools: Chat GPT: http://chat.openai.com

AI Web Hosting, Domain, and WordPress site generator: 10Web, https://10web.io/ai-website-builder/

AI Logo Generator + Social Media designs: http://brandcrowd.com

Books referenced:
Lateral Thinking, by Edward deBono
Truth, Life & Advertising. The art of account planning, by Jon Steel.
Hey Whipple, Squeeze this. A guide to creating great advertising.

Free Stock Photo websites:
General Stock Photos
Shutterstock.com – PAID
Photodune.com – PAID
UnSplash.com – FREE
Pexels.com – FREE
Pixabay.com – FREE
Freeimages.red.com – FREE
Dribble.com – FREE
Kaboompics.com – FREE
Freeimages.red.com – FREE
PicJumbo.com – FREE
Photos.Oliur.com – FREE
Stocksnap.io – FREE
Splitshire.com – FREE
Streetwill.co – FREE

Any questions, free to contact me. francis (at) brandvolume dot com. Cheers, – Francis