Description: A firm that sells Intellectual Property needed a proper brand identity. They bought and sold patent portfolios worth in the tens of millions. To attract rich clients, one must look rich ? so a brand was created that looks and feels like money. The website has a rarefied air, that feeling of walking inside a 150-year old bank building.

Description: A church in New York City had issues with their existing website. Their live streaming services was expensive, and difficult-to-use. They had no way of accepting donations on their site. There was no easy to way to display church activities. The design was plain, and didn?t reflect a church with multiple daily activities. I designed and deployed for them a new commerce WordPress site, which collects tens of thousands in credit card donations a year, along with calendars so members could easily see what was going on that day. In addition, I set up a YouTube live streaming site for them.

Description: My client, a golf course designer, needed a website to show off his work. He wanted something jaw-droopingly beautiful, but also something he could easily update, for his existing site required a call to the designer every time he needed a change. In addition, he wanted to show his clients ongoing work in progress.

I created a site in WordPress that accomplished all that, with plug-ins that show his social media news on the home page.


A medical device company with a revolutionary new product needed a professional-looking site for their investors. I created this in WordPress, along with a 3-minute video demonstrating their product.


The Refectory Cafe needed a better system for online ordering and pickup. Their existing setup?was handled by a large national company, which charged a large fee every month, and required a separate iPhone app. Have an Android?phone, or sitting in front of your computer? You’re out of luck.?

In addition, their existing website was static, and?didn’t reflect the restaurant’s active involvement with their audience on social media.?

The resulting WordPress site works on all browsers and platforms. Users can log-in with their Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts for faster checkout. In addition, all Instagram photos posted by the Cafe feed into the home page, for a dynamic, not to mention mouth-watering site!